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29th-Nov-2010 08:14 pm - Looking for a story
In a computer meltdown I lost some of my Lance/Chris bookmarks. Maybe someone can help me find a story. In this, Chris and Lance pretend to be boyfriends, they are so convincing they wind actually falling for each other. My biggest recollection is a press conference where they come out. Could anyone post a link to the story? Thank you!
9th-Feb-2008 11:22 pm - Trickyfish Day Summary
Popslash - Trickyfish Smile

It's been a week now since Trickyfish Day, and it's time to make a list of the awesome things that have been posted. Sadly, it wasn't much, but we'll cherish all entries just as well. If I missed something, or if you posted something in your personal journal but not here, please tell me, and I'll include it in the list. Even late entries, we won't look at the date too closely. :)


Donkey Kong by withdiamonds
Hana hou by stellamira
A Trickyfish Halloween ficlet by turps33
The Clintonian Defense by phaballa
Standard Response by pensnest


Eleven recs from rikes

4th-Feb-2008 10:19 pm - Fic: The Clintonian Defense
chris is fab
I wrote fic! I know it's late, so if this isn't allowed, just let me know and I will delete this entry, but I wanted to share. Because Chris and Lance make me ridiculously happy. ♥

Title: The Clintonian Defense
Author: phaballa
Rating: Adultish
Summary: As far as Chris can tell, Lance is definitely, one hundred percent gay. And not just because of his hair or his clothes or his ability to impersonate Ellen Degeneres, but for other, non-stereotypical reasons, too. Like the part where he fucks guys.

link: The Clintonian Defense
3rd-Feb-2008 09:04 am
Look of eeep ( crazybutsound)
We'll gloss over the fact I forgot to announce this here yesterday.

Here's my offering A Trickyfish Halloween ficlet

Happy belated Trickyfish day, everyone!
3rd-Feb-2008 02:46 am
General - April
Shh. We'll yet again pretend that it's still Trickyfish Day where I live. In celebration of this special day I wrote a little something.

Hana hou

Happy Trickyfish Day!
2nd-Feb-2008 11:43 pm
Tell me how long
For Trickyfish day, here's eleven recs. They're all stories written in the past year. :)
1st-Feb-2008 11:42 pm - Happy Trickyfish Day!
Chris and Lance have been my happy pairing over the years. For a while last year, they were my sad, melancholy pairing. But I wrote this story, and it turned out not to be sad or melancholy.  I wrote it for both Trickyfish Day and picfor1000.

Donkey Kong  
29th-Jan-2008 03:59 pm - Reminder!
General - April

February 2 is Trickyfish Day!

It's only four days to Trickyfish Day! Bet you thought we forgot about it, didn't you? But even if things here have been quiet lately, there's no reason we can't celebrate. Here's your chance to polish the last few sentences of the Trickyfish story that you always wanted to finish (or maybe you want to write a completely new one, or a ficlet, or even just a drabble), post that particular gem of footage that's been hibernating on your computer for far too long, put together the picspam of great Trickyfish moments you think everybody should see, write the meta that could show outsiders the awesomeness of Chris and Lance. Get creative and make icons, banners, wallpapers, rec your favorite story, or simply squee along. Anything goes.
3rd-Feb-2007 12:13 am - Trickyfish Day! Yay!
General - April
Happy Trickyfish Day!

I posted a little ficlet in my journal, and hush, we will pretend that it's still Trickyfish Day where I live.

2nd-Feb-2007 12:34 pm
Here's my contribution to Trickyfish Day, over in my journal.

Make Damn Sure
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