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Welcome to somebody2leanon, a community to celebrate the Trickyfish pairing. Feel free to participate in this community in any way you want -- post pictures, banners, icons, stories, recs etc. However, before you post, please take a second to review the rules:

1. Be nice. Popslash is one of the friendliest fandoms I know, so let's keep it this way.

2. Please keep your posts on topic. This community is for anything that concernes the pairing Trickyfish or Trickyfish Day. Most other pairings have their own community.

3. Please tag your post if you want it to show up in a special tag category. You can use existing tags, create new ones if you think your entry doesn't fit anywhere yet, or, if you're unsure, leave it off and we can tag it for you.

4. Have fun!

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