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Lean On Me
Isn't That Something?
29th-Jan-2008 03:59 pm
General - April

February 2 is Trickyfish Day!

It's only four days to Trickyfish Day! Bet you thought we forgot about it, didn't you? But even if things here have been quiet lately, there's no reason we can't celebrate. Here's your chance to polish the last few sentences of the Trickyfish story that you always wanted to finish (or maybe you want to write a completely new one, or a ficlet, or even just a drabble), post that particular gem of footage that's been hibernating on your computer for far too long, put together the picspam of great Trickyfish moments you think everybody should see, write the meta that could show outsiders the awesomeness of Chris and Lance. Get creative and make icons, banners, wallpapers, rec your favorite story, or simply squee along. Anything goes.
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