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2nd-Feb-2007 12:52 pm - Happy Trickyfish Day!
8 icons
1 banner
3 wallpapers

ETA June 7, 2007: The icons have been moved to my website.

ETA March 28, 2007: The banner and the wallpapers can now be found on my website.
2nd-Feb-2007 06:43 am - Happy Trickyfish Day!
I want!
My Trickyfish Day story can be found here. I hope you enjoy it. :D
2nd-Feb-2007 11:26 am - Happy Trickyfish Day!
Look of eeep ( crazybutsound)
I've posted my offering over at my journal.


I hope you enjoy.
2nd-Feb-2007 10:29 am - TrickyFish Day ficlets
Trickyfish opposites
I've just posted a couple of ficlets here, hope you enjoy them.

Happy TrickyFish Day!
19th-Jan-2007 04:16 pm - R-E-M-I-N-D-E-R
Hey everyone! Only two (2!) more weeks until this year's Trickyfish Day - wohoo!

I hope everyone is thinking furiously about what to do for our fabulous Magic Moments Challenge or about other ways to contribute something - I'm definitely looking forward to all your ideas. Hee! And I need to seriously start thinking of something too.

Let the magic happen! :-D
15th-Dec-2006 07:10 pm - Trickyfish Day 2007
Only 7 weeks to go until it's Trickyfish Day again (Whee! :-) and so we are launching Magic Moments - A Trickyfish Day Challenge.

I'm sure we can all agree that there are lots of magic moments between our two OTP!boys and we want you to share them - pics, icons, footage, rec your favorite stories that describe such a moment perfectly or write something new. Let the magic happen and most importantly: Have Fun!

There's no sigh up but the due date is of course 02/02/2007 :-) .

turlough was by the way so nice to make really pretty banners for our challenge - feel free to grab them and pimp the challenge all over the place but don't forget to credit her!
I put one banner onto the user info but they are all behind this cutCollapse )

I'm really looking forward to this and I hope y'all are too :-) .
3rd-Nov-2006 12:09 am - Trickyfish Day 2007?
Popslash - Trickyfish Smile

It's three months before February 2nd, which is, as you might remember, Trickyfish Day. For my part, I had a blast this year, and I'd love to repeat it. I did a quick poll in my own journal, but I'd like to hear you all's opinion if there should be another Trickyfish Day in 2007 and if you're willing to participate. Don't worry, this is not a sign-up or anything, and of course you can change your mind at any time. I just wouldn't want to sit there in February and have a drabble and a handful of icons, then I'd rather not celebrate it at all.

I'd like to celebrate Trickyfish Day in 2007.


I can contribute something.

I don't know yet

I'd love to hear any other input as well. Maybe we could organize a challenge or you have other ideas?
6th-Mar-2006 12:40 am - Trickyfish Day summary
Popslash - Trickyfish Smile
It's been a little over a month since Trickyfish day, so it's more than time for a summary.

Some new stories were written...

List Price by nopseud,
a drabble by ephemera_pop,
a ficlet by deliberatehips,
a ficlet by withdiamonds,
Rescue Me by topaz119
Phone Calls and a Finally by turps33,
Quiet and Option B by pensnest,
Late Night Calls by loz22 and
Pesce Ingannevole by jewelianna

... there were recs...

recs by turlough,
recs by stellamira and
recs by saba1789

... there were pictures posted...

The Story of The Trickyfish, in Pictures by trixiesfic,
a Trickyfish picture spam by _bettina_ and
pictures from the early days and pictures from 2000-2001 by turlough

... turlough made some new buttons...

... and last but not least, giddygeek updated the Trickyfish archive!

Thank you to everyone who participated and made this day so much fun!
3rd-Feb-2006 03:02 am
pairings -- trickyfish -- nopseud
So, yes, I'm late, but I'm here! And my little something fictional for Trickyfish day can be found over here.

Happy Trickyfish Day, everyone!

[edited to change link]
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